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'Nothing to Wear' -- the Deeper Meaning

'Nothing to Wear' -- the Deeper Meaning

Written by: Maki Moussavi

You know that feeling when you walk into your closet and think to yourself -- I have NOTHING to wear!

We ALL experience that feeling from time to time. It's frustrating when it occurs every once in a while, but it can actually create anxiety in your daily routine if you feel that way on a regular basis. Looking good is a big part of feeling good. Confidence in your appearance is key to those good vibes!

It's unlikely that you actually have nothing to wear. So, what does it really mean when you're looking at your closet full of clothes and see limitations instead of possibilities? It could be that:

  • You are uninspired by your wardrobe
  • You are not excited about what you're getting dressed for
  • You aren't in your desired physical shape, so what's the point in trying?


It could be that you have a whole bunch of limiting beliefs about yourself that keep you from expressing who you REALLY are. There are so many things that can impact how you see and feel about yourself. Going through an illness, having a baby, not being able to have a baby, having a miscarriage, suffering trauma in the form of various kinds of abuse, struggling with your weight, experience with an eating disorder -- most of us have been impacted by one or more of these things and this list is by no means exhaustive. Most of us simply absorb the limiting beliefs that came from these experiences and treat them as part of life, despite the discomfort.

You may be wondering -- why does this even matter? What does it have to do with getting dressed in the morning?

Clothing is energy you can leverage to feel good

It matters because clothing is energy you can leverage to feel good. And, when you feel good, you show up in a better way to make a contribution to your own life and the lives of others! You have more energy for your day, a pep in your step, you're excited to see people rather than hiding your face with the thought of, 'oh no, I can't see people looking like THIS!' You look in the mirror when you're washing your hands and smile at your reflection instead of wincing. You feel inspired to show up and be you -- and there's a lot of awesomeness that comes with that for you and everyone else.

Clothing is a vehicle you can use to get to that place. But, if your head is so full of limiting beliefs about yourself, how you look, and your worthiness that wearing a sweet new outfit leaves you feeling undeserving and uncomfortable -- then it's key to address those emotional blocks as you work on raising your own standards for how you look, feel and take care of yourself.

Is it time for a transformation?

Maki lives in Shawnee, Kansas. She's a mom of two and a Transformational Stylist. Her passion is helping women to look and feel their very best -- for the outside to match the inside. We are excited to have Maki on-board as our sheKC style ambassador!


Want to connect with Maki, click here!

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