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Music: Jenny's Picks for Your Summer Playlist

Music: Jenny's Picks for Your Summer Playlist

Written by: Jenny

1. Despacito (Remix) - (featuring Justin Bieber) Luis Fonsi + Daddy Yankee I took five years of Spanish. Yet, apparently I didn't retain much because I don't totally understand the lyrics to this song. BUT, I do know that 'Despacito' means 'easy does it' (ah-hem... I THINK. Correct me if I'm wrong, please!) And the bottom line is -- doesn't matter what it's about! It has the BEST vibe. I feel like I'm on the beach every time I hear it. And, THAT is reason enough to love it this summer!

2. Girl on the Coast - Jessie James Decker Side note, Brooke is mildly obsessed with this chick! She loves her style. I get it -- she's super cute! This song has all the summer feels.

3. Good News - Ocean Park Standoff This song just makes me happy. They stopped by the studio a few weeks ago and I've gotta tell ya... some of the nicest artists I've met (and the lead singer is a cutie - very Zac Efron'ish). And really, who couldn't use some 'good news'?

4. Cake - Flo Rida Not gonna lie, my kids think this is literally about... well, cake. Aaaaand, we'll just go with that. It's our car jam. I can't wait to see Flo at Red White and Boom this summer with Mix 93.3! Click here for the scoop.

5. Bar at the End of the World - Kenny Chesney Well, because no one screams 'summer' more than Kenny.

6. I'm the One - DJ Khaled (feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne) I know... I know. Two Justin Bieber songs on the list. I am a 'Belieber' (no shame). Loved this one the first time I heard it. 

7. Body Like a Back Road - Sam Hunt This song reminds me of how I felt when I heard Kid Rock's 'All Summer Long'. Think summer love and cruisin'.

8. Scared to be Lonely - Martin Garrix + Dua Lipa This is one of those songs that grabbed me from the beginning. I have no idea how it's not an enormous hit. But, I've had this feeling before and I've been dead wrong! See if you like it. I think it's awesome!

9. Green Light - Lorde I hated this song the first time I heard it. Then, I heard it again and I only disliked it. By the third time I heard it, I was hooked. Now it's on my Summer Playlist. So, there ya go. 

10. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back - Shawn Mendes THIS guy. So, crazy talented. I fell in love with his sound the second I heard 'Stitches' (which, for the record, I have declared... to anyone who will listen... as the best pop song of the last five years). 

Happy Summer! Make lots of memories. Take the music with you. My favorite thing about music is the way a song can take you directly back. 






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