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Travel: Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

Travel: Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

Written by: Brooke

How I used to plan my vacation. Google.

Obviously, I knew travel agents existed! But, I never thought to call one because I figured it would cost a fortune and just being honest -- I'd rather use that money toward shopping and fun things during my trip!

I had no idea that it's FREE to use a travel agent! Seriously!

I met Terri with Blue Water Travel recently and she shared that little tidbit with me... and a few other things. I thought you'd wanna know too, so here ya go:

·        NO FEE!  We do not charge additional fees. We work with tour operators that bundle packages together at wholesale prices and we are paid by the tour operators.

·        Relationships!  We have close relationships with our tour operators and vendors that makes it easy for us to get you that special request or find out information first hand if you have a unique questions about a resort or cruise.

·        Knowledge!  This is our expertise. This is what we do on a daily basis. We are continuing to learn each and every day through our tour operators, vendors, other clients and of course we travel to these locations as well to experience it ourselves so we can pass on that knowledge to our clients.

·        Low deposits!  Most packages can be booked with a low deposit. You are able to make payments anytime you like until the balance is due on full. Most packages are due in full 45 days prior to departure with most cruises due 75 days prior to departure.

·        Cost Savings!  Travel Agents work with many different tour operators to get you the best price. We have access to charter flights and contract airlines rates with vacation packages that actually save you money compared to booking on line. We also have the capability of Price Matching if you do find it on line cheaper than what we can offer you. Now we’ve done all the research and saved you money!

·        Help if something goes wrong!  Who do you call if you book online and now your flight is cancelled or delayed and you are going to miss your connecting flight? We’ve had countless clients go through this and swear to never book on line again. When you book with a Travel Agent you have someone to call if anything goes awry. You have someone to contact the resort or the tour company right away and get anything fixed that may have gone wrong. Customer Service is the #1 priority. We want your vacation to be an amazing experience!

·        An ongoing mutual relationship!  I have become friends with many of my clients.  As we get to know each other better I get to know your preferences.  I know what resorts you would prefer. I can send you that certain special that comes across my email because I immediately think of you when I see it. You don’t have to give me particulars about resorts or flights because I already know what you like.  I can help you make each vacation a different experience or if you want the same thing each year I know that too!

·        Your time is valuable!  Why spend hours upon hours searching the internet? A Travel Agent does all of that research for you and saves you time! We can qualify you and what you really want with just a few questions and then make recommendations. We have either been to most places are have clients that have.  We have feedback to share with you on whether you should go to that resort or avoid it.  We have a network of other Travel Agents that we also share information with. We want to make sure where you go meets all of your expectations!

Who knew, right?! Some great information from Blue Water Travel. Click here to book your next trip! And, if you're looking for the perfect destination wedding or honeymoon location, Blue Water Travel would love to help you book the trip of your dreams!

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