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Style: Invest in Yourself

Style: Invest in Yourself

Written by: Maki Moussavi, sheKC Style Ambassador

One day as I was rushing through my morning in an attempt to get to work on time, it hit me. Is this what life was all about? Grinding it out at a job with a schedule that was creating friction in my daily life?!

I had the job, title, was on the promotion track, was doing better than my parents would have dreamed of doing for themselves. Yet, I was stressed. Herding myself, hurrying my children, generally creating a morning environment of not-fun-ness and feeling like there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing. The thought of that particular routine stretching out for 25 more years was enough to stop me in my tracks.

Something had to change.

I had never thought of myself as a creative person. I'm a scientist. That's what I studied for, got the graduate degree in and applied to my everyday life. In my limited perception, I didn't realize that the attention to detail I was putting into the way I dressed, the details of my home environment, makeup and hair -- all of that was a form of creativity I had completely overlooked.

Ironically, the person who first tried to point this out to me is an amazing gentleman I regard as a mentor. During a business trip, he complimented me on the outfit I had chosen to wear to a client dinner and said, 'it's clear from the way you present yourself that you have a strong artistic side.' Me? Mmmmkay. If you say so. I was thoroughly unconvinced!

But, eventually, I came around to the fact that I am, indeed, a creative person, and that my specialty is self-expression. As I embarked upon the journey of shifting my life to accommodate this new reality, it was of the utmost importance that my outward appearance match where I was trying to go with my life. My corporate wardrobe, while stylish and a generator of regular appreciation by my colleagues, became totally unappealing to me. It was a subtle shift, but I began to take notice of the fact that I was avoiding the part of my closet where my work clothes were hanging. They didn't feel right to me anymore. They didn't appeal to me anymore. When I wore them, I felt like what was reflected back to me in the mirror had nothing to do with the 'who' I was becoming.

It was time to go shopping. And that's when things got really interesting.

When I still wasn't ready to accept that this is what I'm here to do -- help others discover their truth and show up as themselves -- I dabbled in some half measures as I was transforming. Guess what? I was buying things that seemed aligned with where I was going, but because I hadn't really accepted where I was going, I ended up creating a transitional wardrobe that pretty much exactly reflected the journey of trying and not accepting the extent of where I was headed. In the last two closet detoxes I've done, I've added most of the items from that transitional period to the donation pile.

Clothing has enormous power. It can make you blend in, stand out, feel like a slacker or like a million bucks. It is an outward, tangible way to signal your intentions to your brain and to express who you are. It requires an investment in yourself. When you make that investment, you send yourself a signal that you are worthy and valuable.

Invest in yourself. You are your most precious resource.

Maki lives in Shawnee, Kansas. She's a mom of two and a Transformational Stylist. Her passion is helping women to look and feel their very best -- for the outside to match the inside. We are excited to have Maki on-board as our sheKC style ambassador!


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