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The Single Scene: Tip-Toeing into the World of Dating after Divorce

The Single Scene: Tip-Toeing into the World of Dating after Divorce

Written by: Anonymous

Dating in 2003 involved meeting someone at work, a bar or through friends. They'd get your phone number and... CALL! They might even pick you up in their car and take you to dinner on a first date!

Dating in 2017 involves meeting someone online, likely through an app. They'll get your number and TEXT you, sext you... even Snap you. Why do guys think we want a picture of... well, you know... THAT?

I jumped into the dating scene in 2017 after my divorce was final at the end of last year. The last time I had done this was 2003. 14 years ago! With a bottle of wine, my friend and I sat down on her couch and created my profile.

Eye catching profile photo? Check.

Creative bio? Check.

Complete vulnerability? Check.

I was ready to start swiping!

And swipe I did! By the morning, I had over 20 connections. I didn't know where to begin. It seemed SO fun! I swiped so much that within a week I was getting error messages saying there was no one left! I'd literally swiped through the entire KC dating pool in less than seven days!

Facebook, Bumble, Snapchat, Voxer... so many ways to connect, yet I'm not sure if anyone is really connecting.

What I do miss the most about dating circa 2003? A good old fashioned phone call.

To be continued...

So, yes, this is written by 'anonymous' -- at the request of our newly single friend! And that's cool with us. We just wanted other single women in KC to know they're not navigating the crazy single scene alone! Follow along with her 'single-life-adventure-after-marriage-and-two-kids'! We're cheering her on and hope she finds love again... and that you do too!

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