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From Lawyer to Nutritionist: Why I Made the Leap

From Lawyer to Nutritionist: Why I Made the Leap

Written by: Jessica Kimbrell

What do you want to be when you grow up? If we all had a dollar for every time we were asked that question while we were growing up, right? But, it was kind of easy to answer as a kid. Teacher, doctor, astronaut. And then in college – so, what's your major? 

Those are normal questions for people to ask, but I never really had an answer that I felt strongly about. So, after graduating from college and working for six years, I made the obvious choice and went to law school (she says sarcastically). Three years of school later, I practiced law for a bit, had my first baby, worked at a couple of companies using my law degree, and had another baby. 

Let’s backtrack a bit. Over the years, before having kids, I had tried popular programs to lose weight, and had tried to do it on my own. I had success quickly, but as soon as I stopped being diligent, stopped buying the special food and pills, etc., the weight came back on. It was so frustrating! After I had my second child I was ready to drop the extra weight I’d been carrying for over a decade. But I wanted it gone FOR GOOD. 

I was skeptical to try another program, but after doing some research I decided to try one a friend of mine recommended, because it was different from anything I had ever tried. Taking on this program changed my life. In every way.

After just a few days of starting it, I felt AMAZING! I had more energy. I was in a better mood. I felt proud of myself. I was excited! After a week, I felt 'lighter'. After a month, I remember saying -- this is how I live now. After two months, I had dropped 11 pounds (seven the first week alone, which was motivation to keep going!). Over the following three months, I continued to lose inches even though the scale didn’t move much. I actually liked, no, LOVED what I saw in the mirror. I looked strong and healthy. I was down two sizes! This had definitely never happened before with my previous efforts.

People asked me what I did to get those results. I told them that I was eating normal food, and eating all of the time. It wasn’t a traditional 'diet'. I didn’t have to count calories. I didn’t feel deprived or have any restrictions. It was just simple, healthy eating.

Friends of mine began following it and getting results. That made them happy and excited, which made me happy and excited! Way more excited than I had ever felt doing my work as an attorney. I decided I wanted to do this health stuff 'for real'. So I decided to become a Certified Nutritionist. Best. Decision. Ever!

Now I get to share my knowledge, experience and expertise with the world. If it weren’t for the results I personally had, and how awesome I realized I could feel, I wouldn’t be helping others reach their health and weight loss goals and realize how GREAT they can feel. It’s been such an fun surprise to discover that this is what I 'want to be when I grow up'!

My mission as a Nutritionist is simple - to help more people and help people more. I want to help people realize what it feels like to reach their potential with their body, their energy, and their health. And just as important -- to help people realize that you don’t have to torture yourself to get the body you want.  Feeling great is your right. Being happy in your own skin is your right. It’s your right and it’s AWESOME! It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

Are you ready to unlock your body’s potential and turn your body into a fat-burning machine? To feel the way you are meant to feel? If so, click here to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn about my cutting-edge, easy-to-follow programs to help you reach your goals.

You DESERVE to feel your very best.

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