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Intervention: Detox Your Summer

Intervention: Detox Your Summer

Written by: Callie Spear, LUXEWellnesswithCallie

Summer: flip flops, sun kissed tan, splashes of pool water, the ambience of Hot Country Nights in downtown's Power and Light District, farmer's markets, attending our kids sports activities, making time for loved ones, working full time, designing our lives, helping design our clients' lives, the list goes on!

Life is busier now more than ever and the pressure can be exhausting. What happened to our hopes and dreams of slowing down during these summer months? Instead, we find ourselves sacrificing what little downtime we do have, filling it with passion-less to-do lists, checking those off and ending our evenings beyond spent. Let's face it, 'busy' doesn't even cover it anymore.

If you find yourself nodding your head in total agreement, then we have a surprise for you! THIS IS YOUR INTERVENTION! It is the start of a new day, new summer and we are going to show you how to DETOX the holy mess out of it and get inspired again with our top lifestyle tips!

Lesson #1: Invest in YOU daily! Whether it is 10 or 60 minutes, take that time to do something just for yourself. Read a book, experience having what you want, take a walk with nature, drop in to your favorite masseuse. Whatever it takes, get realigned.

Lesson #2: GET FOCUSED. Create a clear direction for the day. There are too many distractions pulling us away from our absolute yes! What are your top goals? Not the week, not the month, just today. 

Lesson #3: MOVE! Feel the flow and get your body moving again. Spend quality time with a friend or family member and set out for a new activity, i.e. fitness class, restorative yoga, hiking and biking the trails of K.C. All of the above double as both good mental and physical health.

Lesson #4: FUEL YOUR BODY with the right foods to help fight fat and re-energize! In your summer detox we're not asking you to eat rabbit food in the months to come. Educate yourself on what your body needs for long term care. NO BODY IS THE SAME! You and your bestie are not on the same calorie count. Take a local cooking class or find someone you admire that is knowledgeable in these areas of expertise.

Lesson #5: HAVE FUN! We've let life get way too serious. What excites you? What makes you want to scream out loud and feel giddy inside?

It is often when we take the time to stand still and allow life to happen in front of us, that we are reunited with the plans that we began with. You may decide to let your imagination take you into a reality you never thought possible, that play time with your kids in the backyard becomes less of a challenge. Why? Because you have become a kid of summer again.

So go ahead, spread your barefoot toes in the squishy mud, make a mess, ignore the house for a day (or two), you may just find that sweet spot after all.

In the words of our friend Elsa, LET IT GO!



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