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Boss Behind the Biz: Sara Noble

Boss Behind the Biz: Sara Noble


Written by: Brooke

Happy Friday! We are back with another Boss Behind the Biz interview. Today, we sat down with design guru and shop owner, Sara Noble of Noble Designs. Learn how she started her interior design business and tips below!

1. What part of KC do you live in? Olathe

2. What is your morning routine? Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. I usually work on emails in my pj's at-home to start my day.

3. When did you decide to start your business? 15 years ago -- Originally, with my mom, as we thought we wanted to open a retail home decor store. We quickly realized that was not the dream, but it allowed me to continue with my design work.

3. Where did you go to school? Kansas State University

4. What was the biggest lesson you learned when you launched your business? Communication to clients is key.  We still struggle to do it better.  Our growing pains have not always allowed us to be as quick in replies as we want but we are currently hiring and help is on the way!

5. What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a business owner? Growing into a larger firm has been difficult as I am more reliant on others that work with me.  I am lucky to have the best staff in Kansas City.

6. Tell us about one of your most memorable achievements in business? I have been lucky to have quite a few things that have really tickled me over the years, but having my home featured in SPACES Magazine was a highlight.

7. What's something you can't go a day without? Coffee (I may have a problem).

8. What's your favorite KC restaurant? Oh, I am a, it's hard to pick just one. Brown & Loe in Rivermarket is a new favorite. 

9. What's your favorite 'hidden treasure' or secret spot in KC? Carmen's Cocina in Olathe has the best pork tacos around!

10. Favorite thing to do on the weekend? West Bottoms is a must each month.

11. What is the best piece of advice you have received? This too shall pass. We all hit bumps in the road and just have to perservere.

12. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a business? Go for it!  It’s a lot of work but it is so rewarding to build a career that you enjoy doing.

13. What's a quote you live by everyday? Positivity attracts positivity.  

14. How can we keep up with you? (Ex. social media)

Noble Designs is on Facebook and Instagram - look for the gold crown. 

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