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Back to School: It's Not Just for Kids...

Back to School: It's Not Just for Kids...

Written by: Heidi Hule

What to say about back to school? What advice to give? No parent needs to hear one more time about putting your kids to bed early one whole week before school starts—and not just the night before.

We don’t need to talk again about how to help them get back in the swing of things like reading and math—hopefully earlier than three days before the first day of class.

I don’t even think today’s parents need any reminders about making sure their child has everything they need to succeed—not only school supplies, but also a nice solid breakfast to start their day.

So, what does your child’s teacher want you to know that you haven’t already read in a magazine or a blog somewhere?

Well, in my humble opinion, they want you to know that it’s their first day as well. They want you to know that maybe this is the first time they’ve gotten up this early in weeks, or maybe they have left their young baby with a caregiver for the first time this morning.

They want you to know that although they are very excited to meet your child, they may have had to delegate their own child’s first day of school to someone else. They want you to know that they too might have the jitters about how this day will go, even after planning it out minute by minute, which is probably why they didn’t sleep too well last night either!

They want you to know that maybe they worked summer school, or another job, and didn’t get much of a summer break. So they could be struggling with exhaustion, even though the school year is just starting.

They just want to be seen and understood as people too, people with lives outside of their job as your child’s teacher.

But what’s really on our hearts is this—we teach because we love it. It is not just a job to us, it’s our life’s work and our passion. We simply wouldn’t be here otherwise. Please try not to ever forget that about us.

We realize what a leap of faith you take as a parent each year in trusting us with your child—whether they are three or 13. We don’t take this lightly, believe me. Often, we see our class as a sort of 'family' of its own, and we care for them as such. The first day of school is every bit as magical for us as it is for your child! And we could all use a little bit of magic in our lives, don’t you think?

Heidi has been a Kindergarten teacher in the Northland for 10 years, since moving back to KC from France. She is a single mother of two daughters. One of her passions is writing, which she does every chance she gets. She has a parenting blog on her school’s website and a personal blog on Facebook. Another of her passions is helping others, and she hopes that her writing might provide insight, inspiration, or just food for thought.




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