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Kiddos: Five Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Kiddos: Five Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Written by: Natalie Fieleke

This school year is a monumental one in the life of our little family. No longer will I hold my little guy’s hand as we wave to my daughter boarding the school bus. It will be me wearing my sunglasses to cover my tears as I wave goodbye to both of my babies at the bus stop. Wasn’t he an infant just last year and a little toddler on my hip last week? Mamas of Kindergartners, let’s hold each other.

I’m going to be in poor control of my emotions for the next few weeks. This is just a fact and a warning to my husband. But there are some concrete things I can do to prepare. We’ve shopped for school supplies. We’ve purchased an overly large backpack for my small son that he insists on keeping. We’ve snuggled and read The Kissing Hand a hundred times. My son and I have talked how it’s such exciting time but how we’re both bittersweet on it – a little happy and a little sad – as we enter into this new routine. How it may be a little scary at first but how he is so brave, smart and great and making friends. How I will be praying for both my kids to be leaders in doing what’s right and in reaching out to other kids who look like they may need a friend.

Basically, we’re all okay but we’re not. So I circle back around to that first morning at the bus stop. What can I do to prepare us to physically be on time when that yellow behemoth pulls up to steal my children away? Of course we’ll be working our way back to normal bedtimes within the next few weeks. And we’ll lay out their clothing the night before. And my inner foodie will cope by brainstorming what to feed my children that fateful morning. This could actually be useful to other mamas out there so I thought I’d share!

When talking about breakfast foods, we all have special preferences. Neither kids dive into a bowl of cereal with great gusto. My daughter won’t eat oats in most forms. I’m lactose intolerant, and I usually stick to a paleo lifestyle with few processed foods. I’m concerned with feeding my family nourishing foods, but I don’t try to limit my kids’ dairy or carbohydrate intake based on my personal preferences. So yeah, we can be picky all around. I’m sure your family has food baggage too!

Here are five of our favorite healthy breakfasts that can be prepared ahead of time. I have a feeling these early mornings are going to be a liiiiittle painful for us all after a summer of staying up late and sleeping in.

Five Favorite Grab-And-Go Breakfasts for Back to School

An all-time favorite breakfast or snack at our house is Thriving Home’s Power Ball Cookies. With oats, nut butter of your choice, nuts and dried fruit, I love that these little bites contain a good balance of carbs and protein to fill little bellies and keep them satisfied through the morning or as an after-school snack. And you can customize them to suit your family’s preferences or make gluten-free by using g-free oats. So make a batch today and throw them in the freezer for that first week of school! While you’re visiting Thriving Home, try Rachel and Polly’s Brownie Baked Oatmeal. Again, another great and wholesome breakfast recipe you can make once and enjoy for several days!

A breakfast that my kids have enjoyed since they could feed themselves is the Banana Wheat Germ Muffins from Weelicious. I love that they’re naturally sweetened with honey. I’ll take Catherine’s word that wheat germ has more nutrients per ounce than any other grain or vegetable. They’re both healthy and delicious! They’re also great with mini chocolate chips added into the batter or as they eyes in a smiley face. (Her recipe as written makes 12 full-size muffins, but I always use a mini muffin tin.)

Since I’ve transitioned to primarily paleo eating, making delicious paleo-friendly muffins has become a life goal. I have a thing for muffins, clearly. These paleo Banana Blueberry Muffins are a breakfast treat even my blueberry-hater daughter likes!

I always said I would never hide veggies in my kids’ food to get them to eat vegetables. Well, I’ve learned to never say never. These Hidden Cauliflower Quiche incorporate my daughter’s favorite food (clearly bacon) and also her not-so-favorite food, whipped cauliflower. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Insert evil mom laugh.

And while this isn’t a recipe, it’s darn cute and super easy. Who can resist a piece of Brown Bear Toast?

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