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Making Time For Me: My Experience at a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Making Time For Me: My Experience at a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Written by: Kim Antisdel

Get pickles at the grocery store. Eat less sugar. Buy stamps. Renegotiate the cable bill. Do we really need cable since no one watches the 422 channels we pay for? Wait, is there a new Handmaid’s Tale on tonight? Oh, speaking of tails, remember to order that book the baby likes all about animal tails…what the heck is that called? Google it. Order dog food. Although, lately the dogs have had weird looking poops. Should we try that super expensive dog food that’s basically made of carrots from the Garden of Eden and sprinkled with the tears of a unicorn? Oh shoot, unicorns!!  Make unicorn cupcakes for the bake sale. Get cupcake mix. Look up on Pinterest how to make unicorn cupcakes.

Sound familiar? I imagine it does. Our mental to-do lists often revolve around everyone but ourselves. We barely have time to apply our daily SPF, let alone apply lipstick. Our kids, our spouse, our animals – they are all important and at the top of our list. But wouldn’t it be nice to do something that shocked us into remembering that we deserve a spot up there, too?

(Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.)

I have the answer. Devine Studios Boudoir Photography. Wait, don’t stop reading yet. You’ve probably heard of something like this and I already know what you’re thinking. “I don’t do lingerie, and I certainly don’t do lingerie in front of a stranger.” Believe me, I felt the same way when I decided to give it a try. The good news is, Devine Studios isn’t like other boudoir studios, and it’s the differences that make them one of the best in the business.

Lara and Joe Devine are a husband and wife team with nearly 10 years of experience in the boudoir business alone. Though the couple photograph’s weddings, maternity shoots and head shots, their main focus is making women look freaking amazing. As Lora Devine explains it, “You sacrifice for your kids and your husband. You aren’t running around in high heels and red lipstick during the day. I love nothing more than when a woman sees her pictures and says, ‘Wow, I had no idea I could be that hot.’”

For me, the idea of presenting my husband with a little peek at the saucy minx that’s buried underneath the yoga pants and three days of dry shampoo was appealing. More importantly, though, it excited me to see what I could become.

And so I did it. My personal consult with Lora and Joe walked me through the entire process and answered my hundreds of questions and hesitations. We looked at portfolios of past clients and I pointed out poses that were do-able, as well as poses that were a hard pass. Eventually, we decided on a few looks that weren’t too scary or intimidating and I booked my photoshoot date.

The day of the shoot was a whirlwind and there’s really no way to prepare for it. I arrived at the studio with butterflies in my stomach, but Lora immediately calmed me with her up-beat attitude and promises that “YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK SO GOOD!!” Lora applied my makeup and coiffed my hair and voila- I became a Bedroom Betty. Without further ado, I stepped into my first outfit, out onto the studio floor, and the magic began.

I won’t lie, the first few moments were awkward. Joe is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but let’s be real, I was half naked in front of a man that wasn’t my husband. Eeeek. What amazed me were the mechanics that go into the getting the perfect shot. Posing is an art, and it was Lora and Joe’s job to get me in the best one possible, all while reminding me that I LOOK SO HOT. While Joe was the one pressing the camera button, Lora was the puppet master, moving my arm over here and my foot over there and engaging muscles that yoga has never even hoped to reach. Thankfully the whole process was a great distraction and before I knew it, Joe was smiling and saying, “Great one! Next outfit!”

The whole time flew by and before I could even ponder, “Do I look fat?”, it was all over and done with. Lora and Joe assured me that they would take good care of me in post-production by tastefully reducing any cellulite, smoothing stomach rolls, and giving my photos rock star treatment that rivals a Kardashian.

On the way back out to my car, I felt powerful. Truthfully I couldn’t remember half of the poses I did, let alone what types of faces I was making when the photos were snapped. But I will tell you this; I exceeded even my own expectations. I exuded confidence I didn’t even know I had in that shoot. I also tapped something that I forgot was there. I couldn’t put my finger on it until three weeks later as I viewed the final (amazing) photographs, but as I looked at myself in these amazing power poses, I realized the feeling was good, old-fashioned pride. I went to a boudoir photo shoot and I did the dang thing.

That’s worthy of a pat on the somewhat photoshopped back.

I purchased a small collection of photos for an album and gave it to my husband for Christmas. And even though our toddler was running around trying to get banana on the album, I could tell my husband was impressed to see what I had done for him - and for myself.

If you’ve ever wanted to do something wholly and truly for yourself, take my advice and go see Lora and Joe. Be amazed at what you can become, if only for just a short while. Get lost in focusing on nothing but yourself, and then have something to show for it that you can keep forever.

Visit Lora and Joe’s website at: and check out a small sampling of my final photographs below.



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