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Experience: See Kansas City by BIKE

Experience: See Kansas City by BIKE

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Written by: Allison Swan

Take Kansas City by the handlebars with B-cycle, a 24/7 public bike share system for short trips! There are 33 stations serving Downtown, North Kansas City, Westport, the Country Club Plaza, KCAI and The Nelson-Atkins Museum, 18th & Vine Jazz District, and the Trolley Track Trail. 

You can ride just one time to see the sites, or you can ride every day and make B-cycle part of your daily workout or commute.

If you're visiting or if it's your first time, try the single ride option where you can ride for 30 minutes to any station in the system for $3.

Ride several times in a week or month with the multi-day pass, perfect for those visiting for the weekend or those spending the day touring the city for $7 for 24 hours, $15 for 7 days, and $25 for 30 days.

The annual $65 membership is perfect for locals planning on using B-cycle several times throughout the year.

After you have your bike, simply adjust your seat, put on your helmet, and go!  

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Pick a B-cycle route based on your mood. 

If you're wanting a latte and scone, the B-energized coffee tour is for you with stops to Quay Coffee, Mildred's Coffeehouse, SOHO Cafe and Bakery, Crossroads Coffeehouse, and Latte Land.

Go antique shopping with the B-vintage antique tour with stops to Retro Inferno, Vintage Market, Webster House, and River Market Antiques.

B-cultured with the art tour to the Muse of the Missouri, whoop De Doo Mural, Sky Stations, "Desert Feud" Mural, and Uplifted Arms.

Every bike includes a cable lock to keep the bike safe when running into a store or shop. When you're done, return your bike to any B-station by rolling it into an available dock. For more information, visit

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