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Crazy Life: 6 Things to Do on the Daily

Crazy Life: 6 Things to Do on the Daily


Written by: Jenny

I've decided I don't actually know how to live life without doing 100 things at a time. I long for a day off, but when I get one and actually have a clear schedule? I go a little nuts. I get a little antsy. I start making up things to do because I can't sit still. 

This likely isn't healthy or normal. But, it's my #currentsituation.

My job(s), my husband, caring for our relationship, my kids, their schoolwork and activities, laundry, errands, friendships, family time, travel... the list goes on. And it's a long one.

I swear, my phone is half of the problem. I sort of love and hate all at the same time how accessible all of us are at all times. It's great when I need to get a message out to my husband, a friend or a family member in a hurry. But, it sucks that everyone knows that everyone has their phone on them at all times (let's be honest... we feel like we're missing a limb if we leave the house without it). There's that pressure to BE accessible to everyone at all times and that = a constant distraction.

The funny thing is that before I even had kids, I felt like the busiest person in America. Now that my six and four year old kiddos are in the mix... I honestly laugh at the amount of 'me-time' I must've had before they came along! That actually feels like another lifetime ago. No recollection.

I made a list. Because I like lists. And with this chaotic mind of mine, it's necessary.

6 Things to Do on the Daily

1. Breathe. No, I mean consciously breathe. Deep breaths to calm.

2. Try. Try to get everything done that NEEDS to get done. But...

3. Give myself grace. Cut myself some slack. Realize and accept that it is OK if I go to bed with laundry in a heap and dishes in the sink. It'll all be there tomorrow.

4. Know that I am a good mom and I'm trying my best every single day.

5. Chill. Even if it's for 30 minutes. Take a hot bath, watch a show, read a book. Each of us deserves that. 

6. Connect with my man. Put the phones away and talk about the day... life. 

I'm tryin'. You're tryin'. That's all we can do. We're in this together, girl!

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