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Advice from a Teacher: Your Attitude Matters

Advice from a Teacher: Your Attitude Matters

Written by: Heidi Hule

Oh how I wish parents realized what a huge influence their attitude can have on their children!

Take 'Back to School' time for example. Your child already knows that means the end of summer, they don’t need any reminders about that.

They know that their time of late-night movies and lazy days at the pool is coming to an end. They know they will have a whole year of learning to tackle very soon.

They may even have been thinking about the new school year for quite a while now, and could possibly have some anxiety surrounding it.

So how can you help?

Well, listen to them, of course, and let them express their feelings, excitement or worry, freely and without judgement. And then see how you can discuss any negative emotions with them, reassuring them if possible.

But beyond that, what if we celebrated 'back to school' like we do summer vacation? What if we made it something to look forward to?

Maybe some of you already do this, and that’s awesome! Share your ideas with others.

When my girls were little and we lived in France, I used to make a 'countdown calendar' to count the days until our big trip to the U.S. each year. They loved taking turns tearing off a number each day, counting down until it said 'zero'!

That trip was a huge event for us. But, if you think about it, a new school year is a huge event for your child. They have never been this age before, they are not sure what to expect or how things will go.

So, making 'back to school' an exciting and fun time of the year is important to kids. Think back to when you were a kid and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

If you dreaded it, think about why. If you were excited, think about why also.

Our children take their cues from us, whether we like it or not, that’s how they operate. So yes, the ball is in your court.


Heidi has been a Kindergarten teacher in the Northland for 10 years, since moving back to KC from France. She is a single mother of two daughters. One of her passions is writing, which she does every chance she gets. She has a parenting blog on her school’s website and a personal blog on Facebook. Another of her passions is helping others, and she hopes that her writing might provide insight, inspiration, or just food for thought.

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