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Easter: The Lush Bath Bomb Collection

Easter: The Lush Bath Bomb Collection

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Written by: Allison Swan

Lush Cosmetics just released their spring collection to celebrate the season! Their new and colorful inventions will bring out your inner child. Everything is vegan, handmade, and packaging-free, so fill your Easter basket with these new goodies before they're gone!

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Golden egg

This glittering gold egg is packed full of fair trade cocoa butter that smells like honey and toffee—just like something from Willy Wonka's factory!

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Free rangers

This supersized fizzer chick can be separated for two baths or it can be used all at once.  This purple one will turn your tub into a swirl of violet and pink and is bergamot and blackcurrant scented.  

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April showers

April showers bring May flowers! This bath bomb has a beautiful cedarwood scent that brings the outdoors in. After dropping it into your bath, you'll be surrounded by bright pink.

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Which came first? 

Crack open this large, sunburst-striped egg to see the surprise inside--a smaller egg!  Enjoy three soaks or use the entire bomb at once for fuchsia waters with fruity fragrance.

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Golden egg wrapped gift

This huge limited edition golden egg contains seven different bath bombs! From citrusy bubbles and fizzers to cocoa buttery glitters, it's perfect for anyone who loves baths. It includes bunch of carrots, butterball, avobath, cream egg, brightside, magnificent, and a golden egg.  

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