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Current Obsession: Customized Pet Pajamas

Current Obsession: Customized Pet Pajamas

Written by: Jen Johnson

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love my cat. She’s perfect. She snuggles up by my neck (I call her my “cat scarf”), but she’ll happily hang out on her own. She’s never once had an accident out of her litterbox, and she knows that if I hit snooze more than three times, she has to meow and nuzzle my face to wake me up (seriously). I would feel weird about my pet love, but I know too many people who have the same obsession with their cats, dogs, and various other pets. And those are the people who agree that these pajamas with your pet’s face on them are ADORABLE!

Patricia’s Couture is a southern clothing company that offers custom pet long-sleeve pajama sets. “Customized with your pet, these supremely soft and comfortable pajamas are perfect for lazy days and catching z’s.”

·        Designed for both men and women

·        Relaxed, comfortable fit.

·        Matching pants styled with an elastic-drawstring waist

·        Matching shirt with notched lapels; button front.

·        Poly-cotton blend; machine wash cold, tumble dry

·        Custom Printed Pajama Delivery Time: 6 weeks (international may be up to 8 weeks)


I should’ve warned you before I got you all excited—these are $179. No, that’s not a mistake. They’re close to $200…for one pair of pajamas. If you want help in justifying buying some, their website says “with every item you purchase, we help an animal in need.” See, you’re helping!

What I’m really saying is Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This is my cat Audrey (who clearly enjoys some Bible time). I’d love an XL to be extra comfy while lounging. Husband, kids, are you reading this?!

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Jen Johnson co-hosts The Show with Jen and Truta on KC102.1 in Kansas City weekday mornings from 6-10 am. She lives in Overland Park with her husband and two daughters (ages 9 and 7). Random facts about Jen: she was an extra in the movie Derailed (with Jennifer Aniston), she lived in Alaska for a summer, she was a traffic reporter for NBC in Chicago, and she tore her ACL playing basketball in college. She’s passionate about fund-raising and participating in Walk MS (multiple sclerosis), Cure SMA’s (spinal muscular atrophy) Walk-n-Roll, and raising money for Variety KC. Twitter/Instagram @jenkc1021

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