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Target Drive-Up

Target Drive-Up

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Written by: Allison Swan

When I thought it wasn’t possible to love Target any more than I do now, they release a cool new option called Drive Up! You might have noticed the marked stations in the parking lot of your favorite Target store—those spaces mean that you won't need to stand in line anymore for your online Target orders, making for the world's fastest Target run! Here's how it works:

Place your Drive Up order.  

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Select the Drive Up option as you’re checking out.

Wait for the notification

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Target will let you know by email and app notification when your order is ready to be picked up.

Say when you’re on your way

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Access your order from the notification or find it on the Shop tab in the Target app.

Park in the designated spot

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Look for a Drive Up sign in front of the store and park.  

Let them know you're there

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Tap the “I’m here” button if you haven’t allowed the app to use your location.

Show your barcode

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The team member will scan your barcode to complete your transaction. Then drive off to whatever’s next on your list.

It's that easy! While this won't ever take the place of shopping in the store (honestly who doesn’t like taking a trip to Target just because) it's perfect for when you need the basics or even a gift in an instant. Instead of ordering something online through Target or Amazon and waiting for it to be shipped to your house days later, Target Drive Up makes it so that you can order it through the app and have it within a few hours, all without leaving your car.  

If there’s not a Drive Up near you, there will be—Target says that by the end of 2018, Drive Up will expand nationally. To see if an item is eligible for Drive Up, look for Drive Up in the item product details. If you don't pick up your order after two days, they'll cancel the order and you won't be charged. You can also extend your pickup window by one day in the app. Download the Target app to try it out!

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