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Father's Day: Gift Guide

Father's Day: Gift Guide

Written by: Allison Swan

Leave it to Chip and Joanna to know exactly what every dad wants (and needs) this Father’s Day! If you can't make it out to Waco, Texas to visit, you can still gift everything found at the market without ever leaving home—it’s all online. Here’s what to get your dad, grandpa, or father figure for their special day:  

For the man who always sports his favorite cap:

GIFT 1.jpg

When you believe that we could use a little less clutter in our lives, and that putting a little extra muscle into your work is always worth it, any day can be demo day.

For the man who knows a day spent on the golf course is never wasted:

GIFT 2.jpg

This sport polo will have him representing his favorite Demo Day team in elevated style on the course or around the office.

For the dad who has ruined his good shirt one too many times:

GIFT 3.jpg

This apron makes an ideal gift for any craftsman, handyman, or grill master. 

For the man who appreciates a good read:

GIFT 4.jpg

Capital Gaines is the perfect book for anyone looking to succeed not only in business, but more importantly, in life. 

GIFT 5.jpg

Made to Last showcases some of the weird and wonderful products being created today with profiles of the products' makers and related DIY projects that invite readers to act on their inspiration. These DIY suggestions are as varied as the products themselves, from how to treat and care for wood furniture to making your own canvas lunch bag. This book makes a beautiful coffee table book.

For the dad who fixes everything:

GIFT 6.jpg

Dad will want to look for an excuse to tear down a wall or install something new around the house with this hefty hammer. This hammer is based off the actual hammer Chip uses for remodeling--it's a premium framing hammer with a milled face to increase nail head contact, a rip claw, and a wooden handle engraved with #DEMODAY.

For the dad who lives life to the fullest:

GIFT 7.jpg

This metal sign made in Waco, Texas by Jimmy Don, a local artisan, has one of Chip's favorite phrases that encourages us to make sure every day is lived to its fullest--life doesn't just happen on the weekends. Each sign is handmade and comes with its own character, whether it be various bronze patina spots or sheen, beautiful water markings, speckles of rust, a solid silver sheen, or other distinguishing characteristics. No two are exactly alike.

For the dad who never misses his morning cup of coffee: 

GIFT 8.jpg

These mugs are Chip's go-to beverage containers. 

Shop online to make sure everything is delivered in time before June 17th!  Shop their collection here.

GIFT 9.jpg



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