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International Travel Tips

International Travel Tips


Written by: Allison Swan

Traveling abroad this summer? Before packing your bags and grabbing your passport, you’ll want to freshen up your travel knowledge so you can make your overseas journey as safe and simple as possible. Here’s some general things to remember:


Know when your passport expires before booking your trip. Some foreign countries deny travelers entry if it expires in less than six months.

Important documents

Have backup copies of all important documentation so that if they're lost or stolen, you'll still be able to get around safely. Email copies to yourself to easily access them if an issue arises.  


Avoid international charges by turning off your data. Use apps like WhatsApp or iMessage that let you call or text anywhere for free. Also, don't forget to pack an outlet converter to charge your devices.   


Order foreign currency from your bank in advance. Keep all of your money in one place when traveling so you don’t lose track of it. When you're exploring, only carry as much as you'll need for that adventure and keep the rest in a safe place, like your locked luggage. Also, notify your bank when you'll be out of the country so that your account doesn't freeze.  


Give yourself peace of mind by getting travel health insurance, like GeoBlue—there’s an elite network of providers and innovative mobile and online tools in over 180 countries. It also wouldn't hurt to get your belongings insured as well.

Pack light

Only bring the essentials. If you over-pack, that means less room for souvenirs, so only pack what you know you'll wear and use. Less baggage also means that it’ll be easier getting around when you’re traveling to and from your destination.


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