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Meet Valerie Phillips, Owner of Gallery V Fine Arts. One of the Women Entrepreneurs of Mission Farms

Meet Valerie Phillips, Owner of Gallery V Fine Arts. One of the Women Entrepreneurs of Mission Farms

Written by: Brooke

Did you know Mission Farms is made up of over 75% of businesses owned by women? That just makes my heart so happy! We are having so much fun highlighting a different one each week. I had the pleasure of meeting Valerie, owner of Gallery V Fine Arts. She truly has a passion and eye for beauty. Her gallery is full of exquisite pieces done by artists of all kinds.

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Q. You have a degree in art? You've studied many realms of art and design. Now you're going into your 20th year in the art gallery industry. That's super impressive!

A. With passion and love for the fine arts, I knew I had to work in the field of fine art. But, it all actually started 20+ years ago with an explosive day dream about owning a gallery! I had never worked at a gallery and didn't know that I ever would. Then about 5 years later, a surprising shift occurred while going back to school. I picked up a part-time job at an art gallery, which ultimately turned into my 2nd career!

 Q. What is the most challenging part about owning your own business?

A. Most challenging: Wanting to nurture and grow "your baby" (the vision and dream!) beyond measure. Not having enough arms and legs during its earliest years when start-up costs are so high and trying to save on expenses. Wanting it to grow faster than possible.
The can't-get-there-fast-enough syndrome.
B)  Loving what I love too much when I need to go home for personal life at the end of the day.
C) Waking up at 3:00 am with 3 more things that I realized I have to add to my to-do list! (ha! -- so true!)

Q. Who is your female spirit animal?

A. My Spirit Animal: PEGASUS
(Strength and Power. Deliberateness in Flight. And Freedom!)

Q. What is your favorite part about running your own business?

A. Seeing my dream actualized. It's in looking back over the years that I see how far I've grown from day one. When my customers come back again and again and then bring back their family and friends, I know I'm spreading joy and satisfaction to other's lives. The ultimate is seeing their faces and homes light up from a happy transformation through art!

Q. What advice can I give young adults?

A. Tap into those childhood visions and dreams! These were at the core of our being and our authenticity when we first believed that all things are possible!

Q. What your favorite piece of business advice?

A. Probably, don't micro-manage. Hire the best of the best to do what they do best, allowing the energy for ourselves to do the best of what we do best.

Q. What's your favorite quote?

A. I think this is my own quote...
"Art is the Music of the Soul." It's a statement rather than motivational quote, but it's my affirmation. Remembering my purpose. I want to share art on that beautiful level that elevates and inspires another, and taps into their souls at that personal connection.

Q. Where do you look to find inspiration for your business ideas?

A. My creative ideas flourish during quiet time at morning coffee, during my travels and while driving. Also, I tap on my experience and connecting with other gallery owners and artists in the field, locally to internationally.

Q. What do you think makes your company stand out?

A. The color and ambiance. The variety of art mediums. The variety of shows and workshops offered to the public. We're frequently told by our customers, "It's such a happy place."

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