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Encourage: Self-Worth

Encourage: Self-Worth

“Never let a person make you feel like you’re not enough—especially if that person is you.”

Written by: Heidi Hule

Have you ever looked in the mirror and had something unkind to say about how you look? I’m pretty sure that if you’re human, you have. And don’t think it’s a specialty that only us women excel at, men do this to themselves too. Every day. In different ways than we do, maybe, but the result is the same.

Living in a society where so much is out there in the open about our lives can lead us to comparing ourselves to others, and feeling that we come up short. In one way or another, we don’t measure up. We feel like we’re not enough.

Whether it be our looks, our job, our marital status, our achievements, or even our goals and aspirations. We can always find a way to tell ourselves that we’re just not quite good enough.

If only I could just look each one of you in the eyes and tell you how untrue this is, and how cruel your own thoughts are about yourself! You see, when you do that, what you’re hearing is your inner voice. This voice was formed during your childhood of all the things you were told about yourself. Inside some of us, this can be the harshest voice we hear.

As you go through your adult life, your inner voice retains those judgments and labels that were placed upon you, and adds others along the way. It can be anything that was said to you, which you took on as truth. It can come from a friend, a teacher, a boss, a spouse, a family member, anyone. The moment you assimilate their comment or judgment as part of your reality, you will carry that with you. No doubt about it.

So, now for the good news! You are completely in charge of your inner voice and what it says to you. Always. You always have been, but maybe didn’t realize it.

You can change your inner voice from your worst critic to your most fervent supporter. It takes a bit of work, as does anything where you have to change a habit that you’re used to. But it can also be life-changing.

There are many ways to help yourself make your inner voice a healthy and loving one. Most of these involve working on your perceptions of yourself and changing the negative thoughts to positive ones.

Here’s the bottom line, folks. Your worth comes from inside you. Feeling that you are enough can only be achieved through knowing yourself and embracing the beautiful person you truly are. It’s quite the journey, but so worth it.

Heidi has been a Kindergarten teacher in the Northland for 11 years, since moving back to KC from France. She is a single mother of two daughters. One of her passions is writing, which she does every chance she gets. Click here for her personal blog on Facebook. Another of her passions is helping others, and she hopes that her writing might provide insight, inspiration, or just food for thought.



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