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DIY: Terracotta Planters

DIY: Terracotta Planters


Written by: Allison Swan

Transform a classic terracotta planter into something a bit more modern and chic with this idea by Oh Joy! The best part is that you'll only need four supplies, and you probably already have them around the house. They’re so easy that you can make several at one time for a cute mix-and-match garden. Here's what you'll need:

terra cotta pots

label stickers (circle, tab)


spray paint



1. Place stickers in a pattern however you'd like on the pot.

2. To prevent paint from running, spray a coat of primer to help your paint adhere to the terracotta and let it dry for 10 minutes.

3. Spray with spray paint. Let dry 20 minutes.

4. Plant whatever plants you'd wish and peel off the stickers to reveal your new playful yet chic pots!


Use just circle shapes, square ones, or do a little bit of both! You could even use all kinds of stickers to create unique shapes and different colors of spray paint. Another fun option is this simple dipped look below. To create this look, simply paint the tops of the drainage plates and only the outside top half of the pots. There's no need for clean lines—the unevenness is what makes the look!




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