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A Woman's Resource: The Brains Behind Fit Bottomed Mamas, Girls and World!!

Written by: Brooke + Jenny

We are SO excited to announce our partnership with Fit Bottomed Mamas, Girls and World! These two remarkable women, Jennipher and Erin, created the sites as resources for women to visit and relate at any stage in life.

Recently, we sat down with them and got the scoop!

Start with some basics - how did you both meet? 

We met when we were both working for a publishing company in the Kansas City area. We were just a couple of cubicles apart and we discovered that we both lived in the same city and had boyfriends (now husbands) who were in school while we were commuting nearly an hour each day for work. We started carpooling together and have been friends ever since. --Erin
How did the two of you come up with the concept for FBM? 

We originally started Fit Bottomed Girls because we wanted to add a fun, funny and real voice to the online fitness world. Fit Bottomed Mamas was a natural offshoot when I became pregnant and had my first baby. --Erin

Since you both launched FBM, has it evolved into what you though it would or has it taken some different directions for the better? 

Well, fun fact, FBM was originally launched as Fit Bottomed Babies! We liked the alliteration of the two Bs, but after a few months into the site being live, we realized that we weren't really wanting to talk about babies as much as we were wanting to talk about moms. Hence the name change. :) On a personal note, I never thought it would take THREE years for me to get pregnant (my daughter is about a year and a half old now) or that I'd be writing so much about fertility struggles. But having that safe space with readers to share and connect was really powerful for me -- and I know provided the same for readers who were also go through similar issues. --Jenn

Have you had any 'ah ha' moments with your business? 

Besides our name going from Fit Bottomed Babies to Fit Bottomed Mamas (that was a big ah ha moment for us!) I think it's just been to day after day and month after month and year after year to just really believe in our mission and keep going. There are a LOT of online resources and sites for moms out there and it can sometimes feel hard to stand out, but we've learned that with a consistent message and mission and passion for what we do, we can make a difference and grow a large following. It took more time than we thought it would originally, but we've built a really strong community of readers. --Erin + Jenn

Any moments when you saw your purpose for FBM happen and had that validation - this is WHY we did this!!?

Any time a reader emails or comments with a sincere thank you or question about "where do I even start to get healthy/fit?" - we feel tremendous validation. We really are making a difference for people out there, keeping them motivated, showing them that they can do it and that you don't have to be perfect to strive to be better. --Erin

What is in the works for the near future with FBM? 

Although our third business partner, Kristen, never plans to have kids and writes interesting pieces from her perspective, I'm hoping Jenn gets pregnant with baby 2! I love including pregnancy and new baby posts on the site, and it's even better when it's one of our own. --Erin

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