Stunning Amazon Prime Day deal slashes £180 off Apple iPhone X (but it ends soon!)

Amazon Prime Day is now in full swing, and there are some staggeringly good deals around, including a £189 discount on an Apple iPhone X. The SIM-free handset comes direct from Apple, but at a seriouslydiscounted price.

When the iPhone X debuted in November 2017, it cost a hefty £999. Thanks to this phenomenal Prime Day deal, you can now pick it up for £710. That’s the cheapest price it has ever been on Amazon UK, with the previous record only managing a paltry £749 in the sale.

That’s less than it costs to buy a brand-new Apple iPhone Xr (£749), which has the same facial recognition Face ID system and edge-to-edge design, but doesn’t have an OLED display – sticking with cheaper LCD. It also uses an aluminium chassis, avoiding the pricier stainless steel that appears on the iPhone X. So, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck pound with the iPhone X.

Since this iPhone X price cut is a Deal Of The Deal, it won’t be around for long. So, if you’ve been holding off upgrading your iPhone because of the price, this is a brilliant way to get your hands on the latest hardware design from Apple without coughing up the £999 starting price you’ll find in your nearest Apple Store.

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