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The She Kc Lifestyle Company

The Team


Taylor Austen

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Managing Editors

Helen Clark

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Dora Spenlow

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James Brown

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Night Shift Editor

Timothy Smith


Allana Spence

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Brian Kelly

Financial advisor

Mary Clau


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Electronic Mail

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Contributing Editors
Philly Wintle
Chloe Stannard

Current Writers & Contributors
Erik Luna
Tariq Ashkanani
Mark Foster
Franc de Borges
Lauren Mitchell
Sara Brewer
Berit Renser
Che-Marie Trigg
Leona Hameed
Nathan Shwaros
Brittany Grimble
David McKenzie
Jan Wisniewski
Sujith Krishnan
Julia Tran
Greg Moskovitch
Sam Farringdon
Rebecca Connell
Leigh MacDonald
Francis Hadid
Nick Stevens
Logan Fewster
Jennie Gouck
Megan Howden

Past Writers & Contributors

Dennis Ludin, Chris Moore, Jill Luke, Gabriel Fine, Patrick Green, Megan Toscano, Simone Jung, Phillip E. Hardy, Charlotte Watson, Clair White, Alexandra Patrikios, Yolanda Redrup, Luke Seymoup, Mary Reed, Sophie Rennard, Becky Fritter, Shivani Verma, Luke Daniel Rush, Trent Moore, Ashley Rigazio, Ashley Lefor, Joe Evans, Derek Spahr, Alexandra Mellas, Sarah Linn, Allison Kennedy, Andrew Winistorfer, Sable Yong, Alisee Cattebeke, Anna Horevay, Gabriel Kalmuss-Katz, Angela Rodriguez, Joel Oliphint, Kathleen Boyle, Saruhan Batur, Jon Enco, Jason Kirk, Nazarin Hamid, Brian Lerner, Misty Sweet, Renee Cottrill, Kamtin Mohager, Justin Bollenback, Dan Bowyer, Brian Zeidan, Chris Kenny, Hillary Jenkins, AJ Naito, Jamil Kazmi, Marco Dela Torre, Alexander Green, Surya Kalra, Samantha Gildea, Kevin Corazza, Ray Harkins, Kelly Schultz, Sam Bishop, Alayne Wilinsky, Ged Camera, Nick Jackson, Kevin Chang, Clive Drew, Jazmine Ayers, Rais Brink-Forrest, Michael Baradi, Lael Adams, Beth Keeley


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